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After more than two decades of evangelical ministry, Don and Ruthanne were transformed in the revolutionary revival at Pensacola, Florida USA in 1997. They were immediately thrust into a process of accelerated preparation for international ministry leadership mentored by many of today’s apostolic and prophetic leaders, setting the foundations of their life’s work.

As part of this preparation process, Don completed a second doctorate with Wagner Leadership Institute and receives continuing apostolic leadership and accountability – Pastor John Kilpatrick, who pastored the Brownsville Revival, and C Peter Wagner of Global Harvest and Wagner Leadership Institute.

On March 7, 2003 while teaching in a School of Ministry class, Don experienced an hour-long, open vision about revolutionary revival throughout Brazil and the Americas.

Don says, “The first two decades of the new millennium will be characterized by radical, foundational changes in the Church Body as Jesus claims His Church and gives us the prophetic leadership necessary to prepare His people to respond to the next spiritual season.” This vision clarified and focused the release of Don and Ruthanne into this international ministry in 2004.

Today, their ministry leadership is growing rapidly from their home base in Jacksonville, Florida, throughout Brazil and the US in anticipation of revolutionary revival.

Don and Ruthanne have been married for 38 years and have three sons, John, James and Jared, two beautiful daughters-in-law, Mandy and Angela, and two grandchildren, Molly and John Owen, and a grandson on the way in January 2014.

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